OfficialLaunch of “Beijing Remote Health Service Platform”


OfficialLaunch of “Beijing Remote Health Service Platform”



At present, the epidemic of COVID-19has entered a global pandemic period, and therehasbeen an increasingdemand for Chinese medicine from Chinese nationals, overseas Chinese and students, and foreigners at home and abroad. In order to provide them with an even faster and more convenient health service, the first Beijing Chinese-English bilingual Chinese medicine service platform-"Beijing Remote Health Service Platform" was officially launched on April 2, 2020, and will be soon accessible by introducing to people in the global epidemic regions the full-cycle protocol for the prevention, control, rehabilitation and nursing of the epidemic through Chinese medicine. This platform was developed by the Beijing Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine in conjunction with multiple departments. With the support of Internet fusion technology, this platform provides online real-time interaction, remote consultation and other related services, so that the world can share the Beijing experience of fighting against the epidemic using Chinese medicine.

After the outbreak of COVID-19, Chinesegovernment attached great importance to the role of traditional Chinese medicine in fighting the epidemic. In the epidemic prevention and control, there has been an unprecedented application of Chinese medicine both in terms of the number of (TraditionalChineseMedicine)TCM professionals and patients involved and the success achieved. With its unique advantages, Chinese medicine has played an important role in fighting the epidemic. Statistics show that as of April 1st, among all the confirmed cases in Beijing, 88.68% of patients used Chinese medicine in their treatment, and the total effective rate of Chinese medicine reached 90%. The anti-epidemic effect of Chinese medicine has also been recognized by the international community. The latest version of the Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment protocol has been translated into English and shared with countries and regions in need.

The war against COVID-19 calls for international solidarity. In order to efficiently meet the needs of Chinese medicine services of overseas Chinese and further help the epidemic prevention and control of overseas Chinese,the Beijing Municipal Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine has given full play to the advantages of the capital's TCM resources, and has worked jointly with more than 10 government departments to build a special professionalteam for the internationalization of Chinese medicine. "Beijing Remote Health Service Platform" was established as a result of collaboration and coordination between the government and 23 overseas Chinese medicine academic organizations and the first batch of more than 10 Chinese medicine companies and logistics, trade and other related companies. This platform is accessible to overseas Chinese and students as well as foreigners featuring Chinese medicine prevention and control protocols, remote consultations and product services, etc. In an effort to share with the world the Beijing experience of fighting against the epidemic using traditional Chinese medicine, a distinct "five clicks" quick service was incorporated, that is, "Learning about the Beijing Protocol at a click", "Learning protection at home at a click" , "Finding a nearby 3A hospital at one click", "Consultation at one click", "finding out Chinese medicine service at one click".

Overseas users can follow the WeChat subscription number "Beijing Remote Health Service Platform" and click to enter the platform and choose service items according to their needs. Chinese medicine service information of 11 Chinese medicine companies have covered 23 countries and 37 cities with 157 overseas outlets, 24 overseas Chinese medicine clinics and 41 overseas contacts always at theirservice.

"Beijing Remote Health Service Platform" has diversified service functions with "Three functions and nine modules" effectively providing personalized, convenient, shared, precise and intelligent Chinese medicine health services for overseas Chinese. The platform has three functions: Beijing protocol, Beijing service and Beijing product with each function further divided into 3 modules. The service content covers the guidance of Chinese medicine epidemic prevention and treatment, Chinese medicine health care, and the study of quality courseware.

Among them, the "Beijing Protocol" is divided into three modules: guide release, protection video, and life guidance. It introducesto people in the global epidemic regions authoritative full-cycle protocol for the prevention, control, rehabilitation and nursing of the epidemic through Chinese medicine with videos vividly displaying scientific protection at home involving  the Chinese medicine prevention prescription, acupoint health care, child protection, psychological adjustment, etc. In addition, the platform life guidance provides more than 100 articles of protection knowledge guiding daily protection during the epidemic. The "Beijing Service" is divided into three modules: remote consultation, a thousand experts, and excellent courseware. The platform is linked to four 3A Chinese medicine hospitals in Beijing at a simple click. Nearly 1,000 Chinese medicine experts provide remote consultation services for people at home and abroad on the platform. The "Beijing Service" alsopushes excellent courseware of Beijing Chinese medicine epidemic prevention and control to enhance the service capabilities of overseas Chinese medicine practitioners. "Beijing Products" is divided into 3 modules: one-click query, one-click link-up, and I need help. For different countries and regions, detailed classifications of traditional Chinese medicine products are pushed through different channels. People at home and abroad will learn about the distribution of overseas sales spots of Chinese medicine enterprises with one click, and thus supply and demand of Chinese medicine productsaccurately connectthrough multiple channels.

In addition, the "Beijing Remote Health Service Platform" features the "five-channel" unified service and closely meets the needs of Chinese medicine services at home and abroad. The platform dynamically collects the needs of overseas Chinese and students for Chinese medicine services and provides "five channel" unified service through the existing overseas channels of Chinese medicine enterprises, domestic enterprise circulation channels, other trade channels, overseas Chinese associations, individual Chinese medicine service channels, and overseas chairman channels of international Chinese medicine organizations.

Overseas Chinese and students can choose a variety of Chinese medicine services according to their needs. Beijing Tongrentang Group, Beijing Yadong Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Beijing Yiling Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Beijing Chunfeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and other Chinese medicine companies have settled online platform. And a number of companies provide off-line related services of Chinese patent medicines, traditional Chinese medicine granules, and preventive drink products。

As a treasure of ancient Chinese science, Traditional Chinese medicine is a holistic medicine integrating prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. The “Beijing Remote Health Service Platform” brings together abundant resources and valuable experience in anti-epidemic battle, giving full play to internet technologies to help compatriots at home and abroad in preventing and defeating the disease. At the same time, it also helps to expand the communication channels for Chinese medicine to go abroad.

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